Jakarta Fashion Week 2020 Flaunts The Collections from Hundreds of Designers

Jakarta Fashion Week 2020 that will be held in Senayan City throughout the upcoming dates, 22-28 October 2019, is just around the corner. So far, GCM Group, the organizer of Jakarta Fashion Week 2020, has secured more than 75 fashion shows that will present more than 270 brands and designers.

This year’s Jakarta Fashion Week will showcase more than 2.800 newest collections from domestic and international designers, some of them are Indonesia Fashion Forward designers. A few names to look forward to are Toton, Peggy Hartanto, BYO, Major Minor, Sean Sheila, Reves Studio, Danjyo Hiyoji, Rani Hatta, PVRA, Albert Yanuar, Novita Yunus, Friederich Herman, Bateeq, ATS The Label, Cotton Ink, Monday to Sunday, Andhita Siswandi, IKYK, Terita, Eri Dani, Alex(a)lexa, Jenahara, and many more. A few other domestic designers are Oscar Lawalata, Sejauh Mata Memandang, Natalia Kiantoro, Rama Dauhan, Diniira, and so on.

International partners will take part to enrich this year’s Jakarta Fashion Week are the British Council, Japan Fashion Week Organization, Korea Model Association, and Korea Creative Content Agency. British Council’s invited designer from England, Intoart, will share its stage with Cotton Ink. Japan Fashion Week Organization invited Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo, one of the top global fashion weeks, which will showcase Enharmonic Tavern, Rieka Inoue, and Yoakeh. SETSETSET and Seokwoon Yoon.

To further spoil visitors, Fashionlink Showroom & Market, a retail program that will be carried throughout Jakarta Fashion Week on 22-26 October 2019 in The Hall, 8th Floor, Senayan City. With more than 100 fashion brands, accessories, lifestyle, as well as food and beverages, the area will also be filled with various interesting activities such as trunk show and talk show from community partners that came from various fields, starting from environmental, photography, up to wellness.

Complete schedules of all these activities, as well as fashion shows in Jakarta Fashion Week 2020, can be accessed through the official website and application of Jakarta Fashion Week. Invitations are available for the general audience in limited quota that can be exclusively acquired from Jakarta Fashion Week’s application, or Lazada, for all Lazada’s shows in Jakarta Fashion Week.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2020 is supported by Senayan City, Lazada, Make Over, Wardah, L’Oreal Professionel, UBS Gold, Tinkerlust, Matahari Department Store, Daliatex, Danone Aqua, Strongbow, Epson, KFC, and Aqua Japan. Seagram’s Vodka, Imperial Black, Sweet Escape, RSGM YARSI, CBN Fiber, Caffino, Artisan Pro, Century Park Hotel, Santika Hotel Indonesia, Aston Kartika Grogol, Sunpride, Gouw Heritage, Wondernuts, Indofood, Boga Group, Studio 47, Moonlay Technologies, Ohana, Accoustic, Savana Furnitures, Studio Hendrohadinoto, Gambo Muba, and Taco also take part of this elaborate week of fashion celebration.

Support also comes from British Council, Japan Fashion Week Organization, Korea Model Association, Korea Creative Content Agency, Tunis Fashion Week, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Education and Culture, Department of Tourism and Culture of DKI Jakarta, Enjoy Jakarta, Indonesian Embassy in Tunisia, and Indonesian Embassy in Vienna.

About Jakarta Fashion Week

Jakarta Fashion Week is the most prominent fashion week in Indonesia since 2007. It is designated as the Indonesian fashion industry’s driving platform; Jakarta Fashion Week provides direction for fashion activists and provides a prestigious arena to showcase the talent and creativity of the domestic fashion world. Throughout the year, Jakarta Fashion Week also holds various capacity-building programs for international industry players. Jakarta Fashion Week is organized by GCM Group.

About Indonesia Fashion Forward

Indonesia Fashion Forward is an intensive and curative program for capacity development with a vision to polish Indonesian designers’ skills so that they’re able to enter the regional and international market by giving guidance alongside training that involves business strategy and branding.


To stand in front of something completely pure and untouched is a rare moment of wonder, especially since we are no longer used to deal with an absence of addictions. But fashion grows in discomfort and gains speed in attrition. It grows from the collision of opposites. That is why the ‘Sangue Novo’ show excites us and makes us sit on the edge of our chair, and brings butterflies back into our stomach: because it disarms. This is where the beauty of creativity lies, with no rules nor obligations. This is where freedom lives.

We need ‘Sangue Novo’ like we need oxygen. New talent is as essential to a clear and unobtrusive vision as breathing is. We reopened the contest to the world and made it yearly. The jury is composed by Miguel Flor (President), who won Sangue Novo back in 1996, and has since been a major name in fashion, design, art, and photography, adding to his creative multiplicity the direction of the magazine Prinçipal while constantly working on the discovery of new talents; Bosnian-born fashion designer Lidija Kolovrat studied fashion and film in Zagreb, Croatia, who moved to Lisbon in 1990 to create a brand that became an icon of creativity; and finally but not least Veronique Branquinho, a Belgian fashion designer with Portuguese descent, who studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, in mythical Antwerp, who adds to her eponymous brand experience, teaching, curating, directing and editing.

The call for young designers was sent to the main national, European and American fashion schools. Through online sharing, we received 82 applications from Portugal, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Romania, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United States of America.

From the 59 Portuguese and 23 international portfolios that arrived at ModaLisboa offices, 10 finalists were chosen and, in the first phase, will present their collections on October 11, 2019: André Santos, Beatriz Julião, Cêlá, Feliciano, Ferencz Borbala (Romania), Filipe Cerejo, Flávia Brito (Brazil), Francisco Pereira, Inês Manuel Baptista and Louis Appelmans (Belgium). In the same day Adriano Batista (Director of Fucking Young! Magazine, the freshest, most pertinent, disruptive streetwear and menswear magazine of the moment) and Danilo Venturi (Director of Polimoda, the best fashion school in Italy, and one of the top ten in the world) join the judging panel and announce the six designers who will move on to the next phase of the contest. Each finalist will receive a cash prize of 1000 euros and present a new collection in March 2020, when the jury will select the Sangue Novo winners.


ModaLisboa Award in partnership with Polimoda: Master in Fashion Design, or Master in Collection Design, at Polimoda + 3500 euros.

ModaLisboa Prize in partnership with Tintex Textiles: 3-week residency at Tintex + 2000 euros.

Fashionclash Festival Award: Fashion Show at Maastricht Fashion Festival.

The Feeting Room Prize (awarded at both stages of the contest): The award-winning collection will be sold at The Feeting Room store in Lisbon or Porto.

MODALISBOA COLLECTIVE. Fashion is the future. And the future is collective.  


Paolo Zegna, Ivan Federico, Alessandro Sartori, Gildo Zegna, Francisco Porcella

During the third edition of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, held yesterday evening at Teatro alla Scala, Ermenegildo Zegna received the CNMI Award in Recognition for Sustainability for its longstanding commitment and contribution toward developing a more sustainable journey within the fashion system. The award also recognized Zegna for having introduced its #USETHEEXISTING project under Alessandro Sartori’s artistic direction.

#USETHEEXISTING, launched as part of the Ermenegildo Zegna XXX Winter 2019 show and extended to the Summer 2020 show, marks the brand’s pledge to improve the usage of wool and technical fabrics from pre-existing sources using innovative processes and recycling specific materials such as plastic bottles and bamboo fibers.

“Since the very beginning, our family business has been driven by a sustainable approach and a long-standing commitment towards the environment and the community. Zegna’s global mission is deeply rooted in the pioneering vision of the founder Ermenegildo, who first understood the importance to develop the brand respecting nature and enhancing sustainable projects. With the #USETHEEXISTING project Zegna is today reinforcing its pledge in the sustainable journey which lasts since 1910”, says Ermenegildo Zegna, CEO of Ermenegildo Zegna Group.

“#USETHEEXISTING is a mindset before being a pro-active project as It represents the idea to work on the upcycle of the whole fashion process. At Zegna we are working on new generations of sources valuing recycling as a new path to not waste any single material of the production chain. It’s a mission and vision that we are fully investing in. This is the principle behind the last collections and the future ones”, affirms Alessandro Sartori, Artistic Director of Ermenegildo Zegna.

During the ceremony, Ermenegildo Zegna together with Alessandro Sartori was handed the remarkable award by Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder.

Moda Lisboa Collective at Lisboa Fashion Week 2019

Fashion’s role is to interpret the present to think about the future. Is to bring from the past the necessary knowledge to move forward. It’s not by chance that, in the two previous seasons, runways have been filled by apocalyptic scenarios and pieces that wrap us like a cocoon, a protection against the uncertainty of tomorrow: it’s because today, more than ever, we are completely aware that we have the duty to be active on the frontline.

And the only way to do it it’s by going back to the genesis of fashion, to ModaLisboa’s DNA: rejecting the ego, the shallowness, the announced endings. We move forward, together. We move from one place to another, this time to the Military Old Uniforms and Equipment Manufactories, in partnership with Lisbon’s Town Hall, and we do it because we refuse to stay put within a comfort zone.  We do it because it’s a change that makes us grow. We do it because we believe, since day one, that the individual shine of each one of us makes an even bigger whole.

COLLECTIVE is the belief of union. It’s plurality in a word. From 10 to 13 of October, we forge new channels of communication in all platforms touched by fashion. We go up to Sinel de Cordes Palace and to Santa Clara’s Market, we inhabit Lisbon’s, free heart. We have shows, talks, exhibitions and events within the bigger event, so all voices are heard, so all voices are united in one. We question, we start over, we build again, we work together towards a more sustainable fashion industry, fairer, ethical, bigger. We work together for a better world. We do not have fear to answer back because we never had the fear to ask. And much less from moving forward. Fashion is the future. And the future is collective.

Getting in Mousganistan


Mous Lamrabat is a self-taught photographer born in Morocco who lived most of his life in Belgium, and where he had the opportunity to study interior design. His work is characterized by fusing Western and Moroccan aesthetics to create a unique vision on fashion photography.

As a form of escape from what other fashion photographers were doing, Mous tried to work with ideas instead of just only a beautiful subject. His inspirations come from different connection points, universe-wise, with the intent to create something futuristic, combining traditional Moroccan items with fabrics and plastics.

In his opinion, it is important to open the conversation around the stereotypes, like veiled women, because is not just for religious reasons but also a matter of identity. A veiled woman is still so beautiful for the author, and it is a way of telling a story without robbing the attention away.

Being questioned about what he wants to accomplish in his life, Mous answered that he never dream about doing what he does now. But he believes the longer he does what he loves, the more he understands where he wants to grow to.



Artisan luxury leather brand Monarchy London will be launching its online brand in Asia on 24th September with its first exclusive worldwide Private Oyster Sale.

Born and bred in London, Monarchy London represents a fusion of cultures for the contemporary gentleman. Its first Private Oyster Sale in Asia will showcase its hallmark leather designed goods, featuring limited-edition classics that are 100% handcrafted with no repeated production.

Inspired by the clash between the punk subculture from the ’70s in Great Britain and the refinement of the British aristocracy, Monarchy London redefines modern gentleman fashion with its fusion of tradition and modernity. True to its name, the brand Monarchy embodies the conventional with the combinative blend of the “A” symbol that epitomizes Anarchy and the brand’s spirit of rebellion.

Tailored and handcrafted from scratch with a no-repeat product principle, each collection delivers its own unique identity that is truly unlike any other. Made from full-grain leather without exterior canvas nor plastic to honor the leather’s natural luxury, Monarchy London bags are emblematic of the pure, noble and the real. Creative Director Philippe Loup shares that “our first debut collection in Asia will be the first exclusive classic collection, where future design collaborations will spin-off from”.

The classic signature black color reflects the core of the brand’s marriage between the classy and the audacious. Contemporary collections like The Dynasty and The Herald will be featured for the opening private Oyster Sale launch. The Dynasty’s avant-garde traditional streamlined travel bags and The Herald’s full-grain calfskin all-black bags will be the real showstoppers of this first exclusive showcase.

The Dynasty Collection

The Herald Collection

The first of its kind as an all-online luxury boutique with no physical outlet, Monarchy London removes retail intermediary costs by moving all its product sales and auctions online. In line with their ‘One World’ philosophy and vision for the brand, Monarchy London aims to create an exclusive global shopping experience for the every-gentleman.

Its first exclusive private online sale in Asia will launch on the 24th of September till the end of October, featuring their handcrafted leather products for a one-time-only sale. After which, only staple items such as leather accessories and wallets will be available on their e-commerce site. Early buyers are entitled to 30% off during the first two days after the launch with pre-registrations available at http://www.monarchy-  london.com. Fastest fingers first!


What makes a man? There isn’t a single answer; rather, there are many. The world we live in is fluid and ever-changing. So, too, is the concept of masculinity. The notion of masculinity as something steely and unambiguous, a staid and static concept, no longer works – if it ever did.

Masculinity is a state of mind, not a set of given rules. Men have been coming to terms with their inner weaknesses and strengths and are willing to take risks to embrace their own view of what masculinity is, even if this means going against traditional notions of manhood. Men today know that fragility and failure can make them better because it is the movement of the mind and the engagement of the soul that count. Men have learned that embracing love as a positive force is a winning decision, that exploring imagination is an enriching voyage of self-discovery, that dreams and playfulness can be the qualities of adults.

Masculinity is a state of mind. One that takes on different meanings and includes many qualities, both expected and not: courtesy, politeness, patience, vulnerability, wisdom, eccentricity. What makes a man is dignity and openness to accept and embrace the contradictions of life, to evolve day by day, being truthful to one’s self, endlessly changing one’s perspective and attitudes.

A purveyor of timelessly modern clothing to generations of men over the last one hundred and ten years, Zegna has always adopted an ever-evolving mindset. Now the brand seeks to encourage an open conversation around what makes a man today. We have no answers to this question, nor any bold statements to make; rather, we seek to pose questions and foster dialogue.

Zegna’s desire to facilitate this conversation is the major purpose of our new brand campaign. This campaign is a platform for discussion – and perhaps some provocation. We recognize that it takes courage to express a new type of masculinity – a masculinity that is, perhaps, different from the idealized versions of masculinity that have existed for so long. With a deep respect for this courage, Zegna, a brand rooted in tailoring and fine craftsmanship, is also embracing an idea of masculinity that is fluid, sensitive, and unequivocal.

We believe courage is an essential part of masculinity today. The courage to shatter conventions, but also the courage to embrace risks, accepting that failure may be the result.

Mahershala Ali and Nicholas Tse serve as the faces for the campaign.

Two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali is a versatile actor who has depicted and embodied many shades of masculinity. He is a natural fit to represent the idea of what a man is a today. He brings a personal gravitas and a lightness of spirit, inner richness, and wit.

The talented and multifaceted artist Nicholas Tse was destined to become a star since the day he was born. His unique personality and passion for the arts, coupled with his determination to challenge stereotypes, makes him the perfect voice to explore the meaning of modern masculinity.

Spare, meaningful portraits are juxtaposed with white pages, scribbled with handwritten notes that convey a sense of constant questioning. Questions, not answers, are enlightening after all. The campaign asserts love, failure, fight, risk, dreaming, playfulness, movement, and freedom as qualities that make a man today – but more traits can always be added, as men today are complex and constantly evolving. The ultimate goal is to open a door, letting ideas unfold and welcoming the shape they will take.

Openness makes a man. A willingness to accept change as the force that shapes life. The ultimate message, after all, is one of acceptance and, eventually, self-acceptance. Of kindness as a supreme form of strength.


Giving back has always been a part of the Zegna mission. A #WHATMAKESAMAN t-shirt has been designed to be sold in our stores. All the proceeds will be donated to a global charity supporting an education program to build up a better future. Education means openness, which in turn means freedom.


AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – AUGUST 27: A model walks the runway during the Mercedes-Benz Presents Knuefermann show during New Zealand Fashion Week 2018 at Viaduct Events Centre on August 27, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)
  • The 19th annual New Zealand Fashion Week is back and better than ever, with a packed schedule of 54 events occurring between Monday 26th August – Sunday 1st September.
  • NZFW has relaunched in 2019 with a renewed focus on diversity, inclusivity and business success.
  • The event is going back to its original venue in the heart of Auckland at the Auckland Town Hall and Aotea Square precinct.

New Zealand’s most fashionable week is upon us, with the annual New Zealand Fashion Week kicking off on Monday 26th August and this year it’s expected to break constraints around prevalent social issues.

The international event has unveiled three new themes for 2019:

  • Sustainability: NZ Fashion Week is encouraging the industry to commit to ethical design and manufacturing standards – and will launch its first Sustainability Seminar. On Friday, August 30th the Ministry of Social Development will host its Socially Sustainable Business conversation, with a best-in-class panel including Kate Sylvester and designer Emily Miller-Sharma.
  • Inclusivity: NZ Fashion Week is encouraging the fashion industry to adhere to the highest level of inclusivity and has recruited 100 disabled volunteers, unveiled a commitment to diverse modeling policies and will stage its first diversity seminar. It will also hold the world’s first fashion show for people with intellectual disabilities on Saturday, August 31st, with a Dance for Abilities shows at the Auckland Town Hall.
  • Business Success: NZ Fashion Week has created an environment that allows local designers to shine on the global stage. With over 100 designers set to partake throughout the duration of the event, international buyers like David Jones arriving, and celebrities such as Natalie Suarez, Dylana Suarez and Kaitlyn Ham gracing New Zealand’s shores – the event promises to be bigger than ever.

Dame Pieter Stewart, NZFW founder, and managing director, commented: “I am so proud of this year’s event and there is a wave of renewed energy at New Zealand Fashion Week. It’s exciting for the event to be doing some many ‘firsts’ in 2019. When you live in geographic isolation you develop a unique perspective and style to match. This attitude is demonstrated in bucket loads here in New Zealand; our world-class designers are set to make their respective international marks at New Zealand fashion Week 2019.”

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – AUGUST 27: A model walks the runway during the Mercedes-Benz Presents Knuefermann show during New Zealand Fashion Week 2018 at Viaduct Events Centre on August 27, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images)

Iconic brand Kate Sylvester will open the event, a favorite nationwide Kate’s distinctive sentimental designs will be the first to walk on the Runway Stage of Aotea Square.

Sustainable luxury brand Maggie Marilyn will debut its first-ever runway show globally. Nodded as a leader in the sustainable fashion conversation, designer Maggie Hewitt is a firm believer that fashion is circular, regenerative and inclusive.

Paris Georgia is the Mercedes-Benz Presents designer for 2019. Paris Georgia, known for its contemporary and creative aesthetic, is set to be a showstopper.

Contemporary collective brands Havilah and Starving Artists Fund are ones-to-watch, both up-and-coming brands have an idiosyncratic flare that is fresh, exciting and forward-thinking.

And finally, fashion heavyweight Zambesi is marking 40 years of magic with two must-see shows at NZFW. Zambesi’s winter collection will be displayed offsite on the Thursday 29th August and a retrospective show at Auckland Town Hall on August 30th will present four decades of Zambesi favorites pulled straight from the archives.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – AUGUST 27: A model walks the runway during the Mercedes-Benz Presents Knuefermann show during New Zealand Fashion Week 2018 at Viaduct Events Centre on August 27, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

This year at New Zealand Fashion Week you can clear your wardrobe and your conscience by donating clothing and accessories to Dress for Success Auckland. For 20 years DFSA has evidenced sustainability in action by giving donated items to women in need and empowering them towards employment and self-sufficiency.

New Zealand Fashion Week runs from Monday, August 26th until the close of Fashion Weekend on Sunday, September 1st with select shows across the weekend available for the public to purchase.  See iTICKET for details.


A luxurious retreat on Koh Samui’s north shore teams up with World Peace Ambassador and Thai design icon Kai Ukas to co-host Fashion Mania event

(From left to right): Panitnart Yeampeka, Celebrity; Bundit Srivallapanondh, Managing Director of Daikin; Sabine G. Lamberts, General Manager of Santiburi Koh Samui; Patimoh Sadiyamu, Deputy Governor of Narathiwat; Kai Ukas, Thai Fashion Icon; Awika Chaengchenkit, Senior Executive, Red Bull & Siam Winery; Nakwan Rayananonda, Celebrity

Santiburi Koh Samui, the luxurious resort on Koh Samui’s stunning north shore, will promote Thai skill and craftsmanship with a dazzling fashion show and dining event that underlines the country’s contemporary culture and style, while also helping to inspire a new generation of designers.

Santiburi Koh Samui, located on the stunning north shore of Koh Samui

The “Santiburi Fashion Mania:In Vogue Dining” event is co-hosted by celebrated Thai fashion designer Kai Ukas, who empowers women in underprivileged communities by using locally woven textiles. The featured fashion is tailored from traditional fabrics of Narathiwat, in southern Thailand, and sponsored by Khun Ekkarat Leesen- the region’s Governor. Further key sponsors are Daikin, Red Bull, and Siam Winery, with Red Bull usually only sponsoring global events but now supporting a local Thai event for the first time.

“We are delighted to support Santiburi’s Fashion Mania event, which will help to reveal the rich textile industry of Narathiwat province and southern Thailand. The cultural marriage between our region’s unique textiles and Kai Ukas’ modern designs enriches and adds value to our cultural traditions. This is an excellent opportunity to support the local economy, promote our region’s talent and display our heritage on a global stage,” said Khun Ekkarat Leesen, Governor of Narathiwat.

Kai Ukas is an iconic figure in the Asian fashion scene; not only is she a highly skilled and innovative designer, whose creations have adorned catwalks around the globe, she is also a World Peace Ambassador. In 2018, she became the first female designer to receive an Amity Honour at the World Peace Awards in Sweden.

On 4th September 2019, Kai Ukas will display her pioneering designs in a fashion show featuring several leading Asian models. They include Pili Opal, who has modeled with David Beckham, Dream Chanokporn, MaMhee, Cartoon, Tewika, Rain Chutikan and Maleeya Hall, illustrious actors, and supermodels who have featured in top glossy magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

The models will be joined on the catwalk by young locals and multi-national staff from Santiburi and other luxury resorts in Koh Samui (Banyan Tree, Belmond Napasai, Conrad, Four Seasons, InterContinental, Six Senses, Tongsai Bay), who will have an opportunity to become models for the night. In this way, the event will foster a spirit of collaboration between the island’s resorts, while giving new stars the chance to shine.

Fashion Mania will also showcase Koh Samui as a stylish destination whilst highlighting Thai talent and workmanship, including design, weaving, and modeling, in an effort to inspire a new generation of Thai talent. It will help to connect people and cultures, spreading messages of peace, harmony, and diversity.

“At Santiburi, we embrace the principles of social enterprise and cultural exchange and take pride in preserving the environment and protecting our communities. Kai Ukas is a perfect match for us; she is an artist who understands her audience, connects civilizations and encourages global thinking by mixing textiles and styles from all around the world. We are proud to call her our partner and look forward to welcoming many guests to the Fashion Mania event,” said Sabine G. Lamberts, the resort’s General Manager.

“I am excited to have this opportunity to exhibit the local textures, styles and cultures of southern Thailand in such a beautiful and high-profile setting. I firmly believe in the importance of empowering people and connecting communities. Design is about more than just creating clothes – it is about culture, heritage, and identity. Through this event, I hope to help strengthen the Thai fashion industry and enhance the communities that depend upon it,” Kai Ukas commented.

The In Vogue Dining event will start at 6pm with a VIP cocktail reception, speeches and a laser display at the idyllic Santiburi beach. Fashion Mania itself will kick-off at 7:45pm at the resort’s huge pool area with an amazing fire show prior, followed by an after-party at the Beach House with a live DJ and Top Models waiting to mingle and dance with the guests.

The evening is open to in-house and outside guests. VIP tickets are priced at THB 3,500 net per person, including an exclusive cocktail reception, seated dining, four hours of free-flow drinks (wine, beer, and soft drinks), all entertainment and after-party. Regular tickets are available for THB 950 net per person, including four hours of free-flow drinks, the fashion event and after-party; fine dining cuisine is available at extra cost.

With exceptional events spaces, including beautiful beachfront, and plenty of captivating cultural activities for guests to enjoy, Koh Samui is an exquisite destination for boutique events. Just a short one-hour flight from Bangkok, and directly connected to other major Asian cities including Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Chongqing, this exotic island is also easily accessible.

For more information and to book your place at the Fashion Mania event, please email info@santiburisamui.comor call +66 (0) 77 425 031. Alternatively, to learn about Santiburi Beach Resort & Spa and to book your stay, please visit www.santiburisamui.com.